1. canon, rubric, guideline, working principle, guiding principle; unwritten law, common law, lex non scripta; ethical code, code of honor, corpus juris, code; ordinance, decree, edict, Law. writ, rescript, assize; dictate, dictum, order, command, injunction, fiat, sanction, prescription, mandate, firman; commandment, behest, bidding, dictation; word, word of command, direct order, Inf. the word; charge, commission, directive, direction, instruction; ruling, proclamation, pronouncement, declaration, ukase, bull; law, regulation, rule; control, prohibition, ban, restriction, caveat.
2. motto, moral, byword, lesson, convention; maxim, aphorism, proverb, apothegm, gnome, mot, adage; saw, pithy statement, sententious saying, saying; axiom, prescript, epigram; cliché, hackneyed phrase, platitude, truism, Inf. bromide, commonplace

A Note on the Style of the synonym finder. 2014.